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3 Persons Economy Honey Bucket Kit
Shipping Weight: 15.00
Minimum order: 1
Quantity1+2+ 4+ 
Price Per One:$42.95$42.95$40.95
Your Savings - 0%5%

Basic 72 - Hour Kit for 3 persons - Economy Honey Bucket Kit
Packed in a Honey Bucket Port-A-Potty complete with liners and chemicals.
Store at home, in your car, boat, or at work.
Container has room to put additional items you may want to add.
Also available in 1, 2, or 4 person kits. See KEC1P, KEC2P, and KEC4P links below.
Image is of KEC3P Kit

Kit includes:

  • 1 - Honey Bucket w/ Lid, Liners, and Chemicals
  • 3 - Food Bars 2400 Cal 
  • 3 - Solar Blankets
  • 18 - Pouches of Water
  • 1-54 Piece First Aid Kit
    12- Liners and Chemicals

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