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Ready Mask for Adults
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Ready Mask gives instant protection and visibility at the first sign of danger

In a crisis, you need protection that?s both portable and effective. Our one-piece filter mask is small enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to offer you a real barrier against smoke and biological agents. The built-in eye protection won't fog, enabling you to find your way to safety more quickly  and a reflective strip will make you more visible to rescue workers. No special training is needed, since the patented sealing system allows even first-time users to get a tight seal. The Ready It exceeds N-95 testing standards.

The Ready Mask comes in two sizes and is appropriate for ages two and up. Buy a mask for each family member!


Adult and Child Sizes
Masks are fitted to specific age groups
One-Piece Mask and Eye-Shield
Protects eyes, nose and mouth from soot and smoke particles
Easy to Apply / Goes On In Seconds
Saves precious time
Patented Sealing System
  • Adapts to any face regardless of shape or size
  • Prevents face seal leakage
  • 96% - 99% Filtration of Particles Found in Smoke During 20 Min. Test Period
    Protection against particulates in smoke that cause choking, asphyxiation and death
    99.9%+ Filtration of Bacterial Agents
    After 3 Hours

    Protection against the elements of a bacterial attack that can kill or incapacitate
    99.9%+ Filtration of Viral Agents
     After 3 Hours
    Protection against the elements of a viral attack that can kill or incapacitate
    99.9%+ Filtration of Dry Spores
    After 3 Hours
    Tested against spores similar in size to the spore that causes Anthrax
    Pocket-Sized ? Flat, Compact and Almost Weightless
    Portability ? Fits in pocket, purse, diaper bag, pants, shirt / jacket, etc.; Take it everywhere you go
    Packaging - Heat sealed poly-bag
    Foldable and durable
    Packaging ? Pull-Tear Mechanism
    Easy opening
    Bright Orange Color Reflective Tape Strip
    Visibility to rescuers during evacuation
    Affordable ? Priced to be ?Every Person?s Protection?
    Affordable protection for the entire family, school, office, hotel, company, etc.
                                                                3-YEAR SHELF LIFE
    Manufactured in the U.S.
    Adheres to ISO 9002 standard for quality control

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