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240 440 Total Servings Breakfast and Entrees Combo
25 Years Shelf Life
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WISE FOOD STORAGE 240 Serving Black Label Emergency Food Breakfast and Entrees Combo - 25+ Shelf Life

+ bucket of 200 Servings Emergency Food Supply ($119.99 value)

Total: 440 Servings!

1 month supply - 2 servings of food per day for 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children. Also equals a 4 month supply - 2 servings a day for 1 adult.

2 Buckets each: 15" Tall x 12" Wide x 10" Deep 


1 Box of 125 Servings Whey Milk

1 month supply - 2 servings of food per day for 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 children...

Introducing our new formulation with lower sodium and trans fat.

*25-year shelf life



To prepare, simply add hot water, wait 10-20 minutes, and you're ready to eat.

Minimal Storage Area:

Typical food storage can take an incredible amount of space to store that most families don’t have. Other food storage companies will want you to purchase a year’s supply comprising as many as 85 large cases full of awkward and bulky #10 cans. With 120 Servings Buckets, requires no more space than is taken up by a washer and dryer, you can store enough freeze-dried meals to feed a family of 6 for a full year.


Food packages include a variety of tasty and delicious entrees your family will love.

This set contains the following:


- Cheesy Lasagna (8)

- Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini (12)

- Savory Stroganoff (12)

- Cheesy Macaroni (8)

- Hearty Tortilla Soup (8)

- Potatoes and Chicken Flavored Pot Pie (8)

- Pasta Alfredo (8)

- Chili Macaroni (8)

- Teriyaki and Rice (4)

- Loaded Baked Potato Casserole (8)

- Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta (12)

- Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup (12)

- Southwest Beans and Rice (12)

- Strawberry Granola Crunch (20)

- Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain (40)

- Crunchy Granola (20)

- Apple Cinnamon Cereal (40)

Product Weight:  40lb   2 buckets

4-serving pouches packaged in 4-gallon, square buckets that are very easy to stack and store.

PLUS :  


1 Bucket of 200 Servings Emergency Food!

  • Pre-mixed and seasoned foods that taste great
  • Easily transportable in case of emergency
  • Convenient sized packaging
  • Simple preparation: boil water, add ingredients & simmer for 20 minutes
  • 20+ years shelf life
  • Vitamin and mineral fortied for great nutrition
  • 100% vegetarian





  • Content:
    • Tuscan Butter Noodles, 20 servings
    • Cheesy Broccoli Rice, 20 servings
    • Vegetable Barley, 20 servings
    • Creamy Vegetable Rice, 25 servings
    • Creamy Potato Soup, 25 servings
    • Italian Tomato Pasta, 20 servings
    • Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 35 servings
    • Whey Milk, 35 servings
    • Sealed in convenient Weather-Proof pail for easy transport





    • 100% Vegetarian – no hydrogenated oils, added MSG or Trans Fats
    • Total Weight:  46lb   3 buckets total

      4-serving pouches packaged in 4-gallon, square buckets that are very easy to stack and store for Entree and Breakfast Buckets.

      5-Serving Pouches for 200 Bucket


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